Student Goals

Success is not a gift, but a choice. To become successful, you must set goals.  Whether you are a student in elementary school or a senior in high school, it takes determination, dedication, attitude, and discipline to become successful.

Successful students are not just goal setters, but goal getters.Setting goals in school gives you a reason for learning.  Achieving those goals gives you the confidence to go beyond and fulfill your potential. Start setting goals today for your future tomorrow.

Student Activities

We encourage you to get involved in the many student activities at Grants Pass School District.  The following is a list of just some of the many activities and groups which are active throughout the school year:

        • Drama club
        • Speech Club
        • Orchestra
        • Band
        • Academic Masters Competition
        • Softball
        • Baseball
        • Basketball
        • Golf
        • Track
        • Flag Football
        • Volleyball
For more detailed information, we encourage you to contact your school principal to find out how you can participate in your school's activities.