Inclement Weather/Emergency Announcements

In the case of an emergency this page would list the specific closure and other information regarding a weather or other emergency.

For more general information and emergency procedures visit the
FAQ & Closure Guidelines by clicking here.

Friday, May 9th, 11:23AM -- As a result of a power failure earlier this morning, Redwood Elementary School has lost its water supply with parts of the building in the dark resulting in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Given the current estimate that power will not be restored until 1 PM or later, Superintendent Higgins has authorized Redwood Elementary to release school early today beginning at 11:30 AM and to follow District early release protocol to contact parents/guardians, arrange for necessary transportation and ensure that no students are released until a responsible adult has been contacted.


 An early closure announcement will be posted on the District website and the news media will be notified. 


As phone service is out at Redwood, if parents have any questions please call: